Looking Back and Setting Goals


When transitioning to a new year, it is important for companies and personnel to reflect on their past year. What did your company achieve? What worked and what didn’t work? Use the answers to these questions to set your goals for the next year. Setting goals allows you to know exactly what you are working towards in the new year. Following goal setting steps and planning out your goals can lead to a structured and successful business year.

1. Break it Down.

Understand each of the parts that will go into attaining your goals. Write them out so you don’t forget.

2. Make it Measurable.

Include a timeline and a form of measuring for your goal. You are going to want to track your progress.

3. Develop a Plan.

Give yourself check points to reach throughout the year that lead to obtaining your goal. By planning these out in advance you will know what needs to get done and how you can accomplish it.

4. Stick with It.

Keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goals throughout the year. Keep up with the timeline and deadlines. Do not let the day to day work take over your goal, keep your eye on the prize.


Working towards individual and company goals is something that is valued at Fox Converting.

Use these tips to help yourself achieve your goals for 2019!