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Food Grade

With our facilities’ SQF Food Safety Certification, we make sure you are getting clean, high-quality products.  When it comes to food packaging, here at Fox, we can coat, print, and convert for you.


  • Basket Liners
  • Bags
  • Sheets and Wraps
  • Tray Covers
  • Quick Service Restaurant Disposables
  • Foil Wraps

Food Grade Details

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Medical / Dental

Our main focus for our medical and dental products is to maximize infection control and minimize cross contamination. We can coat, print and convert a variety of different products in this field.

Infection Control Products

  • Sterilizer Bags
  • Sterilizer Wraps and Sheets
  • Bedside Bags/Tape Tab Waste Receptacle Bags
  • Feminine Care Waste Bags
  • Swabs 8" and 16"

Infection Control Details

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Wide Web

We extensively up fit the design features of our wide web roll process. The rolls we produce are consistently high quality and uniform. Our rolls can be up to 70” wide with the option of up to 4 colors printed/coated. To each of the rolls, we can perform the following processes: Sheeting, Folding, Counting, Separating, Packaging, Coating, Flexo Printing, Laminating, and Custom Converting.

Product types:

  • Tissue
  • Non-Wovens
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Board
  • Foil

Additional Details

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Research and Development

We are process development experts. We help our customers with superior process development and improved process controls. We use different combinations of coating, laminating, printing, and related scientific/quality testing to develop consistently high-quality products. Along with creating high quality products, we also have the highest level of confidentiality with your products.

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